Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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No one seems to appreciate gifts you have made yourself quite like your mom, so take advantage of it and make her something she can keep and proudly say you made for her.

This World’s Greatest Mom Photo Banner is fun to make and will allow her to display family photos year-round. It makes great use of the beautiful designs from the All About Mom design collection and is completely customizable. For the free project instructions click here: Free Mother’s Day banner project.


What’s Your Favorite Thread?

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Give your opinion on thread, and enter to win a Madeira Thread Chest, valued at $1000. Find the survey at Survey


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Embroidery Design Sale!!!

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Sale Embroidery Designs

For Sports Fans Only - Just $5.99!

Don’t miss our March Embroidery Design Sale, where through 3/31 you can snag full embroidery design collections for as low as $5.99!  Don’t wait on this one, sale is limited to stock on hand.


September is National Sewing Month!

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We’re not sure who decides which month will celebrate the random, interesting or fun things in life, but we’re pleased to celebrate September as National Sewing Month!

So, all you sewists out there, get to work, this month is for you! What a great opportunity to dust off those unfinished projects (you know the ones I’m talking about, you’ve tucked them away some place or, if you’re like me, you keep moving them around all the while vowing to complete them in the next month)!

And, now that the kids are back in school and vacation time is over, you’re settling back into your routine — so carve out some time for sewing.

I challenge you to see how many UFOs you can complete by the end of the month! Ready… Set… Go!!!



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FREE Koala Studio!?!?!

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Enter to win a FREE Koala Studio!

Koala is the top-of-the-line when it comes to sewing cabinet and accessory tables. These custom-made cabinets are built to your specs — choose from: three different height options, 8 color choices, numerous different models, matching chairs, and organizing tools!

AND, right now they are offering YOU the chance to win your very own Koala studio, just like Nancy Zieman’s! Check out Nancy’s Studio and enter to win your very own today.

Enter to win a Koala Studio


Halloween Tote Contest!!!

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Have you heard about the Halloween tote contest sponsered by Totally Stitchin?!?! Halloween is just around the corner and whether you want your kid/grandkid or you to have the neatest trick-or-treat bag at the party, you’re going to be making something spooktacular this year!

So, enter your Halloween tote bag in our contest for a chance to win one of several awesome sewing prizes!

Check out all the details for the Frank-n-Tote Contest!


YouTube, Home of Vintage Commercials

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While tooling around on YouTube the other day, I ran across this vintage Singer video. It’s hard to believe that “back in the day” there were door-to-door sewing machine salesmen!

Oh yeah, replace Singer with Baby Lock — no longer door-to-door, but still offering great classes and amazing independent retailers that will actually take the time to teach you how to use your machine!


Lace Embroidery

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Freestanding Yardage Lace 3|Lace designs have always caught my attention. They’re great to use as accents, on linens, as gift tags, etc. But, sometimes stitching them out can be a bit tricky. And, always be sure to read the fine print to know for sure if the design is freestanding (doesn’t require fabric) or not.

When embroidering lace designs chose your thread based on the desired end result. Silk thread is great for softer fabrics, such as batiste. Polyester thread if the item will be laundered. Rayon thread will add sheen to the project. You may also want to use the same thread in the needle and bobbin to provide support for freestanding designs.

Use heat-removable or water soluble Freestanding Motif Circle 2|stabilizer and if the design is dense, use two layers to add more support.

Typically small needles work best for lace embroidery, so use the smallest needle possible for your choice of thread.

Don’t forget to check out the lace designs at Amazing Designs, they’re beautiful.


“Lavish embroidery”

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You never know what an online search is going to turn up, for example the other day I searched for “lavish embroidery”. I expected to get results back in regards to very ornate gowns, robes and wedding attire from around the globe. I was hoping to share something more international. But, I was quite surprised when the 4th link was for The Pueblo Indicator — Sept. 18, 1937!

In 1937 the garments they’re describing were cutting-edge, leading the fashion industry. Today, we overlook these every-day seen embroidered items as nothing unusual. And, what’s more impressive is, what was in style back then is still around today.

The next time I see tiny motifs scattered all over capris, shorts or a skirt, I’m going to think of how this is another “recycled” trend from yester-years.


What do you want in designs?

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What are you looking for in designs? The exact idea you have? Low, low price? Excellent stitch quality? Large size? Small size?

At Amazing Designs, we’re always looking for design ideas and we want them from you. What are you into embroidering? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to work it into an upcoming collection.


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