What Does “In-the-Hoop” Mean?

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Have you ever wondered what in-the-hoop (ITH) actually means? An in-the-hoop project is an embroidery design that is structured so that all sewing of the project is stitched in the hoop in steps as part of the actual design file. Additionally, in-the-hoop embroidery designs come with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the project.

Ready to jump in and create your first in-the-hoop project? Check out some of the design collections we have available!

Amazing Designs: In-the-Hoop Quiet Book


In-the-Hoop Counting Critters Quiet Book

Amazing Designs: In-the-Hoop  Seasonal Mug Rugs


In-the-Hoop Seasonal Mug Rugs

Amazing Designs: In-the-Hoop Fruits and Vegetables Pot Holders


In-the-Hoop Fruits and Vegetables Pot Holders

Amazing Designs: In-the-Hoop Eye Masks

In-the-Hoop Eye Masks


Folk Art Hearts Applique

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Turn your embroidery machine into an appliqué machine and discover how easy it is to get accurate and consistent heart appliqués with our Folk Art Hearts design collection.

Amazing Designs: Folk Art Hearts Applique

Download applique instructions here.

You’ll fall in love with the easy automatic appliqué techniques as your machine effortlessly tacks your appliqué fabric in place and covers raw edges resulting in near perfect results every time!


Jeweled Neckline Embroidery Project

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Soon to be your favorite collection for embellishing tops and tees, Jeweled Necklines offers stylish and convenient designs that sparkle and shine. The ten year-round design themes include both crewneck and v-neck styles, complete with optional circle placement stitching to make crystalizing and beading easy.

Amazing Designs: Jeweled Necklines Embroidery Project

The collection also includes coordinating accents to “grow” neckline designs on deeper-cut tops. Plus, use the accents to embellish collars, cuffs, pockets, hemlines and more. Start with a ready-made top or create your own from a pattern and your favorite fashion fabric. You’ll always be accessorized to perfection with these bold and beautiful designs.


Learn how to add Jeweled Necklines designs to a neckline by downloading these instructions.


Bold & Bright Seasonal Collection

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Light up an entire year of projects with illuminated embroideries. Bold and Bright Seasonal embroidery designs were created for use with Fabric-Lites for light-up special effects.

Amazing Designs: Bold & Bright Seasonal Collection

You can also bling up these designs by using hot-fix crystals instead of lights.

Amazing Designs: Bold & Bright Seasonal Collection

Further enhance your projects with the included companion word designs for distinct door banners, sweatshirts, totes and more.

Ready to add lights and crystals to your designs? Click here to download instructions!


Stabilize It!

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Our new Fusible Applique Stabilizer provides great support without the bulk, and since it has a sticky back, you’ll get perfect placement every time! Check out the photos below to see how it works:

Amazing Designs: Stabilize It! Applique


Amazing Designs: Stabilize It! Applique


Amazing Designs: Stabilize It! Applique


Amazing Designs: Stabilize It! Applique


Amazing Designs: Stabilize It! Applique

Purchase Stabilize It! Fusible Applique Stabilizer here.






Light Up the Night with Spooky and Bright

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Amazing Designs: Spooky & Bright Halloween Flag

One of our newest collections, Spooky and Bright, came just in time to get ready for Halloween season. All of the designs in this collection can be embellished with Fabric-Lites and Hot-Fix Crystals for a “spooktacular” effect.

Learn more about adding these embellishments to your designs with these project instructions!


Edit N’ Stitch 2.0 What’s New!

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This easy customizing software will inspire you to turn every design into something unique and fabulous! Edit N’ Stitch 2.0 goes above and beyond  by offering the following new features:

1. Automatic Color Match: Adjust the colors in your design to any of nine included manufacturers´ thread palettes with one click!

2. Envelope editing Re-shape your design to 11 included shapes.

3. Split´N Stitch Wizard: With just a few clicks, the wizard splits large designs so that they can be sewn out in small hoops!

Click here to learn more about Edit N’ Stitch 2.0 including system requirements and formats!

Click here for the Edit N’ Stich 2.0 upgrade.

** Please note that lettering shown requires Personalize N’ Stitch.


Tips for Embroidering on Minky

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Minky, or microfiber plush fabric, is quite popular. It’s great for babies, children, tweens, teens and adults. When it comes to minky, everyone loves the soft texture and the happiness it brings (how can you not smile when snuggling a minky blanket or pillow?).

Another plus for minky is the variety that it now comes in — plush, ultra plush, rasied dots, raised rows, etc. The new variety makes me want to use it more, becuase I can mix and match the different types in my project, making it fun and more creative.

The down side to minky — it can be a bit pricey. So, when I purchase it for a project, I want to be sure I don’t mess it up. Here are a few tips on achieving great embroidery on minky fabric:
• Needle — use a sharp 75/11 embroidery needle to help achieve a crisp sew out
• Design selection — you want a design with solid areas of embroidery (a redwork or running stitch design can disapear into the mat) and designs with open spaces will allow the fabric more flexibility
• Embossed embroidery — these designs look great on minky, the plush fabric really pops off the embroidery part for an amazing affect
• Stabilizer — since minky has a little bit of stretch to it, you should use a medium-weight cut-away stabilizer; this will give the fabric the stability it needs for the embroidery
• Topping — to keep the mat down while embroidering, keep the fabric from poking through the embroidering and to achieve a stitchout with less gaps, use a water-soluable topping while stitching

Happy stitching!


Embrilliance Thumbnailer Software

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Have you ever lost a design on your computer? Wouldn’t it be nice to easily see your embroidery designs? Now you can!
This is not a complicated software program to learn. This software reads your embroidery designs and creates the pictures for your computer to display as thumbnails. Easily view these thumbnails the same exact way you view images on your computer – in your browser window. And, it works with virtually every home embroidery format

Here are more details about this great, inexpensive program:
• For PCs, view the thumbnails in folders or through Windows(R) Explorer(R), also know as “My Computer”
• For Macs, view the thumbnails though Finder(R)
• Compatible embroidery formats: ART, ART42, ART50, ART60, CND, CSD, DST, EMB, EMD, EXP, GNC, HUS, JAN, JEF, JEF+, PCM, PCS, PEC, PES, PHB, PHC, PHD, SEW, SHV, TAP, VIP, VP3, XXX
• Software requirements: Windows(R) requires XP (32 bit) or Vista / Win 7 (32 or 64 bit) and 10Mb of disk space Mac(R) requires Mac OSX v: 10.4 and up and 10Mb of disk space

Compatible with both PC and Mac computer systems!
Mac users, please note that this hybrid CD installs a separate program version written for Mac, and does NOT need Windows.


Fabric Marking Pens

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With fall here, we are knee-deep in the crafting and sewing season and probably didn’t realize it. It starts with costumes, moves to ornaments and then to handmade Valentines. This year, give your ornaments and Valentines a personal touch using Fabric Marking Pens.

Nancy’s Notions carries Standard Dual Tip Fabric Markers (FDMB6) with an MSRP of $24.00. These marking pens are great; each acid-free marker has two tips. The bullet tip is ideal for adding names and dates to embroidered ornaments as well as other fine details. The brush tip works great to color in embroidery outlines like a coloring book image. These are perfect to use when you want to bring the kids into the annual ornament making!

These have been in my sewing room for quite some time and get used frequently. Check them out, there’s still time to get them to use for your ornament this year.


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