Reverse Applique Collection

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Let your fabric take center stage with our Reverse Applique collection. This multi-tasking collection can transform fashion, accessories and home décor. All your embroidery projects will be infused with subtle sophistication.
With this simple reverse applique process, stitch the applique fabric in place to the underside of the top fabric and easily trim away excess top fabric using the stitching as a guide allowing the applique fabric to show through.
Click here to the learn how to add these versatile embroideries to your project.

Machine Embrodiery Hooping Help

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Hooping your stabilzer and fabric can be a pain in the neck, especially if your fabric is particular thick, thin, stretchy, etc. You all know what I mean, it can be a pain. So, what are some tricks for hooping?

– Baste the fabric to the stabilizer — who wants to add an extra step to the process? BUT, this is a better than the alternative of wasting more fabric, thread and stabilizer when it is moving around on you or keeps popping out of the hoop.

– Use spray adhesive — for small or stretchy items it may be best to hoop the stabilizer and then adhere the item to the hooped stabilizer with spray adhesive or use sticky-backed stabilizer to help keep the item in place during the embroidery process.

– When hooping, insert the edge closest to the tightening screen last — this gives you easy access to lossen the hoop if necessary without messing it all up again. And, position it so the screw if off the edge of the table, this allows you easily access the screw without lifting it up.

Happy Hooping!