Don’t Forget to Backup Your Design Files!

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What fun would embroidery be without our computers? I love all the editing and cataloging capabilities software allows me. I love knowing that I can open “My Designs” folder and see all the glorious categories of designs I’ve “hoarded” over the years. And, I would be completely devistated if something happened to my computer and I lost everything!

This brings me to my point — don’t forget to backup your design files! There are several ways you can do this (they’re all easy and pain-free). You could burn your design files to a CD-RW (if you have a large collection, you may need to burn them to several CD-RW).

Another option is purchasing an external harddrive and backing up the files on it. An external harddrive works like a thumb drive, all you have to do is plug it into your USB port and drag-and-drop the files. They come in all different sizes, shapes, colors and storage capacity and are easy to find at your local electronics store, big-box store, or office supply store.  How easy is that?

Regardless of how you choose to backup you files, it is important to do so. You never know when you might spill a cup of coffee on your computer and zap everything. So, make a date of it (such as the first of the month) and backup your files reguarly!


Is Your Emboridery Outline Off?

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One of the frequently asked questions the Amazing Designs support team is asked is: The outline to my emboridery design if off, why is this?

Likely causes include inadequate stabilization and improper hooping. If the design stitches properly on a stable fabric using a cutaway stabilizer, then check your hooping and stabilizer type. Please verify that you are using the correct type and weight of stabilizer for your fabric and stitch count and ensuring that your fabric & stabilizer are hooped tight enough. If you were to flick your fabric & stabilizer it should thump like a drum. If it does not make this sound, re-hoop it so that the fabric is more taut. Make sure not to pull on the fabric so hard that it will pucker once it is no longer taut in the hoop. A brief breakdown of stabilizer and fabric follows:

  • Cut Away Stabilizer (weights will vary)- Knits (t-shirts, sweatshirts), loosely woven fabrics, fleece, leather, vinyl or afghans
  • Tear Away Stabilizer (weights will vary)-for designs on stable fabrics. Use multiple layers is needed for higher stitch count designs.
  • Wash Away Topping- to put on top of high pile fabrics such as terry cloth, to smooth out the fabric for embroidery
  • Wash Away Stabilizers- for free standing embroidery and fabrics where no stabilizer should be seen after the design is complete