What’s a “Card Slot”?

Posted by on April 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

So, you picked-up a gently used embroidery machine at a garage sale, event, or your retailer and it has a mystery card slot on the side. No worries, Amazing Designs has the right product for you to take advantage of this mystery slot.

The slot is for embroidery design cards. Some retailers may still have a design card or two available, but most design companies have switched over to producing their collections on CD. Generally, the CD has multiple formats, but always be sure to check for your machine format. If you’re not sure of your machine format, ask your retailer or machine manufacturer. And, be careful, not all formats can work for all designs. For example, a design larger than 100mm x 100mm may not have the .sew format.Amazing Box MAX   No Card|

If your embroidery machine only works with the embroidery cards, then you’ll need a converter box to take your designs from your computer, onto a card, and then to your machine. The Amazing Box Max by Amazing Designs is a great option for converting design collections to your format and putting the designs onto a card or transferring them directly to your embroidery machine. This easy to use program is the perfect companion for an embroidery machine that uses cards.