Freestanding Lace Leaves

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Are you ready for the fall weather? Bring the beauty of the fall leaves indoors by creating home décor, fashion or accessories. With our Freestanding Lace Leaves Collection the bright and rich colors of Fall will get your home ready for the season.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 2.05.57 PM



These unique lace leaf designs stand out on their own and are easy to add to any project.







With the user friendly instructions, you will never run out of ideas on where to use this collection.


Check out the project instructions here.


My Circus Counting Book

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Make learning fun with an embroidered interactive quiet book for your toddler. Each page features adorable embroidered circus animals accompanied by an endearing counting story.  With our new In-the-Hoop My Circus Counting Book collection, bring imagination and learning alive.
Creating this unique treasure is as easy as 1-2-3 with the step-by-step instructions.
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Learn how to create a personalized counting book for the little one here.

Reverse Applique Collection

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Let your fabric take center stage with our Reverse Applique collection. This multi-tasking collection can transform fashion, accessories and home décor. All your embroidery projects will be infused with subtle sophistication.
With this simple reverse applique process, stitch the applique fabric in place to the underside of the top fabric and easily trim away excess top fabric using the stitching as a guide allowing the applique fabric to show through.
Click here to the learn how to add these versatile embroideries to your project.

Adding Fashionable Freestanding Lace Designs

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Accent any garment or home décor with our new Fashionable Freestanding Lace Embroidery Designs collection. This stylish mix of embellishments features multiple color stops to lend versatility.



There are so many ways to add these unique lace designs to make standout fashions. Simply embroider onto wash-away stabilizer, rinse, press, and then topstitch. With this project technique guide, you will be adding dimensional accents in no time.

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Discover how simple it is add fashionable freestanding lace to your next project here.


Lacy Hearts Sachet

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Diffuse a pleasing fragrance around your home with a delicate heart-shaped sachet.

Amazing Designs: Lacey Heart Sachet

Using an aroma like lavender paired with our Lacy Hearts design collection, you’ll want to make several of these easy-to-make sachets for both you and your loved ones.

Find project instructions here.


Cuddle Buddies ABC Blanket

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Amazing Designs: Cuddle Buddy Quilt

Quilt blocks filled with the ABCs and wide-eyed animals make up the perfect blanket for your little ones. Combine LetterWorks III from Designer’s Gallery and our Cuddle Buddies collection to create both a teaching tool and a cozy cover.

Find instructions for this project here.


Chair Back Book Holder

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Amazing Designs: Chair Back Book Holder

Remove clutter in the classroom with this free Chair Back Book Holder project! You can personalize each book holder with a design from our Robots Design Collection. No matter your stitch field size, you can accomplish this project with the help of HoopWorks from Designer’s Gallery.

Click here for free project instructions.