Permanent Topping Stabilizer

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Here is your simple fix against fabric showing through your embroidery, Stabilize It! Permanent Topping from Amazing Designs. You will no longer have to worry about your stitches sinking into the nap of the fabric. Permanent Topping coordinates with your embroidery thread to prevent the fabric showing through embroidery stitches.


thumbnail_topping example

It has excellent stability for your dense embroidery projects. The topping is not only washable, but provides a strong base during laundering. This great product works well with projects using fabrics with nap such as terry cloth, velvet, and corduroy.

Here are some helpful tips before beginning your project with Permanent Topping:

  • It should not be used where loose topping cannot be easily removed
  • If used to prevent napped fabrics from showing through your embroidery, use lettering or designs that allow for easy removal of loose topping

Check out the multiple color choices available to match your project needs here.


Why go for a Pre-Cut Embroidery Stabilizer?

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If pre-cut was not the smarter, more economical and ultimately easier way to go….

1.  Children would go to school with large rolls of writing paper and have to cut a peice for each writing/drawing  need.

2. The saying, “The best thing since sliced bread,” would not exist.

3.  Instead of running to the grocery store, people would be running to the farm, garden or pond.

More importantly:

4. The large package of Stabilize It! contains 50 sheets, each large sheet fits one 5×7 hoop. The small package also has 50 sheets, each small sheet fits a 4×4  hoop.  That is a lot simpler than never really knowing how much you have left until you run out, right?

5. With Cut-away, Tear-away and Wash-away to choose from you don’t have to compromise your options while creating less waste.


Tips for Embroidering on Minky

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Minky, or microfiber plush fabric, is quite popular. It’s great for babies, children, tweens, teens and adults. When it comes to minky, everyone loves the soft texture and the happiness it brings (how can you not smile when snuggling a minky blanket or pillow?).

Another plus for minky is the variety that it now comes in — plush, ultra plush, rasied dots, raised rows, etc. The new variety makes me want to use it more, becuase I can mix and match the different types in my project, making it fun and more creative.

The down side to minky — it can be a bit pricey. So, when I purchase it for a project, I want to be sure I don’t mess it up. Here are a few tips on achieving great embroidery on minky fabric:
• Needle — use a sharp 75/11 embroidery needle to help achieve a crisp sew out
• Design selection — you want a design with solid areas of embroidery (a redwork or running stitch design can disapear into the mat) and designs with open spaces will allow the fabric more flexibility
• Embossed embroidery — these designs look great on minky, the plush fabric really pops off the embroidery part for an amazing affect
• Stabilizer — since minky has a little bit of stretch to it, you should use a medium-weight cut-away stabilizer; this will give the fabric the stability it needs for the embroidery
• Topping — to keep the mat down while embroidering, keep the fabric from poking through the embroidering and to achieve a stitchout with less gaps, use a water-soluable topping while stitching

Happy stitching!


One Woman’s Junk…

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… is another’s stabilizer storage solution!

Do you hate all the rolls of stabilizer you have lying around, getting squashed or coming undone? While estate sale shopping I ran across an old wooden wine rack and the light bulb went off — this would be perfect to store stabilizer!

I purchased the old rack for a few bucks, took it home, and painted it a lively color to match my sewing room and viola — organized stabilizer is here!

I was able to hang the rack right next to my cutting and hoopping area, so it’s handy every time I need it. Now my wall looks great, my stabilizers aren’t a mess and I got back some much needed drawer space.

What interesting ways have you found to organize your sewing area?


Cut-Away Stabilizer

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LARGE 1 5oz Med  Wt  No Show Mesh|Looking for a stabilizer for your lightweight knits, wovens or sheer fabric? Need something to stabilize dense embroidery designs, open weave fabrics or complex designs on lightweight fabrics?

Amazing Designs Stabilize It! No-Show Mesh cut-away has you covered. Stabilize It! is a line of stabilizers in easy to store, pre-cut sheets (no more messing around with the huge roll and forgeting which stabilizer is which).

Stabilize It! No-Show Mesh cut-away resists stretching, making it great for woven and knit fabrics. It eliminates show-through and is comfortable next to your skin. Every embroiderer should have no-show mesh stabilizer in their stash!


Must Have Stabilizers

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Words of embroidery wisdom from Debbie Cleek:

With all the stabilizers available selecting the proper stabilizer can be confusing.  Many of stabilizers come in black and white, adhesive and non-adhesive, heavy and light weight.  As your embroidery skills grow and you experiment with new techniques so will your stabilizer collection.    The stabilizers listed below are great ones to get you started and you will find they are stabilizers that you will not want be without.

Cut-Away Soft – This stabilizer is good for heavy duty projects and great for sweatshirts.  It is a cut-way stabilizer which means the excess stabilizer around the outside of the design will be cut away while the stabilizer will remain behind the design to support it through many washings.  When using this stabilizer, you can hoop it with the item to be stitched or hoop the stabilizer by itself and float the item on top of the stabilizer.

No-Show Mesh – This stabilizer is perfect for baby’s items and linens; items that will be laundered but do not require a heavy stabilizer.  This is a permanent stabilizer that will not wash out when laundered.  After embroidering, trim the excess stabilizer leaving approximately ¼” around the outer edge of the design.  This stabilizer will be soft and gentle on a baby’s skin.  It is also light enough so it will not leave a stabilizer shadow on your linens and home décor items.

Tear-Away Firm – This is great stabilizer to use for denim, canvas, corduroy, and other heavier fabrics.  It also works great for craft projects like embroidered note cards.  This stabilizer provides just enough support for the stitching to help prevent puckering, tunneling and distortion with designs of all stitch counts.  It also tears away easily after stitching making it the perfect choice for stitched note and greeting cards.  After stitching, the excess is torn away.  The stabilizer left behind will soften and wash away after multiple washings.

Hydro Melt Topping – This is a must have stabilizer when embroidering anything with a nap such as towels, fleece blankets and velvets.  This stabilizer holds the nap down and prevents it from poking through the stitching.  When stitching heavier knits it also prevents the stitching from sinking down into the knit.  It is very easy to use, simply hoop your item as would normally and layer a piece of this stabilizer on top to cover the design area.  When your design is finished, tear away the excess from the outside edge of the design, the remainder washes away when laundered.

Press -Away Topping – This stabilizer is perfect for times when you need to use a wash away stabilizer but cannot get the item wet.  It works just like Hydro Melt with the exception of the need to wash it away.  Hoop your item as you would normally and layer a piece of this stabilizer on top to cover the design area.  When your design is finished, tear away the excess from the outside edge of the design, the remainder is removed by pressing with a medium to hot iron.  This is also great for red work and open work designs like Sashiko.  You can press away the stabilizer and not have the time delay of rinsing and drying the piece before continuing with your project. 

You can find these stabilizers at Amazing Designs or Sew and Craft Club.


New In-the-Hoop Project

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 Fast in-the-hoop construction makes these whimsical eye-masks an easy gift idea.  Requires the In-the-Hoop Eye Mask embroidery design collection (ADC-172) and Stabilize It! No-Show Mesh cut-away stabilizer.

Learn to Embroider a Towel

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When I started embroidering, the first item I made was a monogrammed towel. To this day I still make them as wedding gifts, hostess gifts, and thank you gifts. They’re quick and easy, but to a beginner it can raise a few questions. So, to help you out, check out this video on how to embroidery a towel from Nancy’s Notions.


Is Your Emboridery Outline Off?

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One of the frequently asked questions the Amazing Designs support team is asked is: The outline to my emboridery design if off, why is this?

Likely causes include inadequate stabilization and improper hooping. If the design stitches properly on a stable fabric using a cutaway stabilizer, then check your hooping and stabilizer type. Please verify that you are using the correct type and weight of stabilizer for your fabric and stitch count and ensuring that your fabric & stabilizer are hooped tight enough. If you were to flick your fabric & stabilizer it should thump like a drum. If it does not make this sound, re-hoop it so that the fabric is more taut. Make sure not to pull on the fabric so hard that it will pucker once it is no longer taut in the hoop. A brief breakdown of stabilizer and fabric follows:

  • Cut Away Stabilizer (weights will vary)- Knits (t-shirts, sweatshirts), loosely woven fabrics, fleece, leather, vinyl or afghans
  • Tear Away Stabilizer (weights will vary)-for designs on stable fabrics. Use multiple layers is needed for higher stitch count designs.
  • Wash Away Topping- to put on top of high pile fabrics such as terry cloth, to smooth out the fabric for embroidery
  • Wash Away Stabilizers- for free standing embroidery and fabrics where no stabilizer should be seen after the design is complete

FYI: Lwt. Weight Stabilizer

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LARGE 1oz Light Wt Tear-Away|Amazing Designs offers several stabilizers in pre-cut sheets designed for the 4×4 and 5×7 hoops. One of my favorite stabilizers is the Light Weight Tear-Away.

The Light Weight Tear-Away prevents show-through and multiple layers provide added support. It’s great to use on lightweight wovens and knits, small motifs on blouses, jackets or wind-breakers, denim shirts or knit turtlenecks.


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