Monogram It!

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Monogram It is easy, it is stand-alone, it works in conjunction with Letter It, and it is $99 right now!


  • Choose from 24 Monogram fonts, including 2 applique fonts
  • Create one-color monograms with up to 4 letters
  • 25 built-in monogram frames
  • 39 built-in embroidery designs
  • Rotate, flip horizontal, flip vertical, color advance and more
  • Watch how the monogram will sew out with the Draw Bar
  • Merge embroidery designs with monograms
  • “Recipes” recommend stabilizer, needle and thread for your design and fabric
  • View saved embroidery design thumbnails in the browser
  • Saves to the most popular embroidery design formats
  • … and more!For even more options, add Letter It!
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    Luggage, Luggage, Luggage!

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    Three Bag Trolley Set Quilting CamelVisiting family or friends this holiday season? Well, don’t forget to pack our sewing machine to make a quick gift, fix a garment, or help pass the time. And, with a rolling sewing machine trolley it’s never been easier to take it all with you.

    This sturdy trolley set is designed just for quilters. It includes an extra large machine bag, a slim portfolio for mats and rulers, and a bag that’s just the right size for fat quarters. All three bags connect to the rolling trolley. Some assembly required. The inside of the machine bag measures 11″ x 20″; 15″ high. The portfolio measures 20″ x 26″. The inside of the fat quarter bag measures 12″ x 20″; 4″ deep.

    Not a quilter, no problem! We have a set designed for embroiderers too! This set includes the same extra large machine bag and slim portfolio great for mats and rulers, but the third piece of this set is designed for your removeable embroidery unit. The protection this case offers will help keep the embroidery unit safe while traveling.

    Still not finding the right trolley for your trip, check out other options for: sergers, individual pieces, hard cases, and floral print cases.


    Eleanor Burns’ Koala Studio Makeover

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    Join Eleanor Burns, author and host of TV’s Quilt in a Day, as she gives you a tour of her quilting room – both before and after the Koala Studios makeover.


    Incredible Threadables

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    It’s a thread case, it’s a thread rack, it’s dozens of spools of beautiful Rayon No. 40 or metallic embroidery thread and a free embroidery design CD. It’s Madeira’s unique 3-in-1 thread assortment!

    Each spool is neatly organized by color family and stored in its individual thread pocket. Each pocket is identified with the thread color, number and name so spools can be easily removed, replaced and refilled.

    To load and pre-thread up to 12 colors at one time is a snap. Pull all colors needed for your embroidery design. Place polls in thread chambers in color order, working left to right on each side. Pull each thread up from its chamber and through to its corresponding thread guide. For best results, thread should feed from the outside of the spool. Close the doors and stand up the box on its included base to the right of your machine.

    Grasping all threads at once, clip ends to even, using the built-in thread cutters. Thread your machine with the first color and being stitching. Repeat for each color. Thread should feed from the right side of the box, up and through the guides, and directly into your machine. Simply rotate the box to access the second set of chambers on the reverse side. Guides can be thread from both sides if you are using both sides of the box.

    Choose from two Rayon spool sizes and one Metallic:
    Rayon 220 Box: 80 spools of 220yd/ 200m rayon embroidery thread plus 2 spools of 1650yd/ 1500m Bobbinfil bobbin thread.
    Rayon 1100 Box: 40 spools of 1100yd/ 1000m rayon embroidery thread plus 2 spools of 1650yd/ 1500m Bobbinfil bobbin thread.
    Glamour Metallic Box: 40 spools of 220yd/200m metallic embroidery thread plus 2 spools of 1650yd/ 1500m Bobbinfil bobbin thread

    AND, each Incredible Threadable contains spools, a customized embroidery design CD from Anita Goodesign with 42 customized designs, a complete printed color card, and a handy carry strap.

    All this for only $99.95 plus shipping!

    It’s never too early to start plan your holiday wish list, so don’t forget to add this incredible deal to yours!


    The Koala Accessories Advantage

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    Nancy Zieman, host of Sewing With Nancy, shows how she accessorized the Koala Studios in her home sewing room.


    Nancy Zieman Online TV

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    Nancy Zieman, sewing guru, has been teaching us sewing techniques for the past 20+ years on her hit PBS show, Sewing With Nancy. During this time, she has experienced an evolution of sewing machines, her popularity, new techniques and the world wide web. And, now she is launching a new portal, Nancy Zieman Online TV.

    Each month you’ll be able to view a new online video for sewing, quilting, or embroidery. So, now you’ll have two opportunities to learn from Nancy: Sewing With Nancy on PBS (Or DVD) and Nancy Zieman TV online — each with unique content. Read more about this new venture on her blog.


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    The Koala Service Advantage

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    Nancy Zieman, host of Sewing With Nancy, shows why Koala Studios’ superior customer service — including Top Drawer Delivery — are unmatched in the sewing furniture industry.


    Yummy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

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    Around the office we’re always sharing new recipes, man do we love to eat at our office. Here is for Yummy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies shared by Monique. Enjoy!

    1 pkg. Brownie mix
    1 c. chocolate chips
    2 medium eggs
    1/2 c. oil

    Mix all together, then make small balls and place on cookie sheet. You will have 24 double chocolate cookies. Bake at 400° for 10 minutes. Let cool. Enjoy these chewy cookies, they go great with a cold glass of milk.



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    Fabric Marking Pens

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    With fall here, we are knee-deep in the crafting and sewing season and probably didn’t realize it. It starts with costumes, moves to ornaments and then to handmade Valentines. This year, give your ornaments and Valentines a personal touch using Fabric Marking Pens.

    Nancy’s Notions carries Standard Dual Tip Fabric Markers (FDMB6) with an MSRP of $24.00. These marking pens are great; each acid-free marker has two tips. The bullet tip is ideal for adding names and dates to embroidered ornaments as well as other fine details. The brush tip works great to color in embroidery outlines like a coloring book image. These are perfect to use when you want to bring the kids into the annual ornament making!

    These have been in my sewing room for quite some time and get used frequently. Check them out, there’s still time to get them to use for your ornament this year.


    The Koala Storage Advantage

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    Nancy Zieman, host of Sewing With Nancy, shows how Koala Studios make it easy to organize all of your sewing, quilting and embroidery supplies.


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