Four Quick-to-Stitch Embroidery Design Collections

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Outline designs are sometimes overlooked now that full-color embroidery designs are getting more and more intricate, but can be used in a variety of ways, are quick-to-stitch, and don’t take a lot of thread. Here are 5 quick-to-stitch embroidery outline designs from different collections for you to use the next time you want to create something really unique, fast, and without using a lot of thread!

1. Celtic Knots I Collection- Celtic Outlines

Click to view the entire collection


2. Fashionable Floral Embroidery Design Collection

Click to see the entire collection

3. Botanical Outlines II- Cherry Blossom

Click to view the entire collection

4. Quilt Patterns III Collection- Quilt Pattern 15

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An In-the-Hoop Quilt Block Pot Holder Tutorial!

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The newest collection from Amazing Designs, In-the-Hoop Quilt Blocks I,  is double amazing as it incorporates embroidery and quilting- of course by being all in the hoop! By making these blocks on your embroidery machine, you have instantly cut a potholder project down to 30 minutes or less! These will make perfect housewarming gifts and would be great at a craft fair!

Click here for the free project instructions!