Tips for Embroidering on Minky

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Minky, or microfiber plush fabric, is quite popular. It’s great for babies, children, tweens, teens and adults. When it comes to minky, everyone loves the soft texture and the happiness it brings (how can you not smile when snuggling a minky blanket or pillow?).

Another plus for minky is the variety that it now comes in — plush, ultra plush, rasied dots, raised rows, etc. The new variety makes me want to use it more, becuase I can mix and match the different types in my project, making it fun and more creative.

The down side to minky — it can be a bit pricey. So, when I purchase it for a project, I want to be sure I don’t mess it up. Here are a few tips on achieving great embroidery on minky fabric:
• Needle — use a sharp 75/11 embroidery needle to help achieve a crisp sew out
• Design selection — you want a design with solid areas of embroidery (a redwork or running stitch design can disapear into the mat) and designs with open spaces will allow the fabric more flexibility
• Embossed embroidery — these designs look great on minky, the plush fabric really pops off the embroidery part for an amazing affect
• Stabilizer — since minky has a little bit of stretch to it, you should use a medium-weight cut-away stabilizer; this will give the fabric the stability it needs for the embroidery
• Topping — to keep the mat down while embroidering, keep the fabric from poking through the embroidering and to achieve a stitchout with less gaps, use a water-soluable topping while stitching

Happy stitching!


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