The Koala Design Advantage

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Nancy Zieman, host of Sewing With Nancy, shows why Koala Studios’ advanced design sets them apart from ordinary sewing machine cabinets, and makes it easy to create your dream sewing studio.


Needle Knowledge!

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So, I know there are a variety of needles on the market — different brands, different sizes, different uses. But, what are the basics when it comes to needles; what is the anatomy of a needle?

Butt: Beveled end allows easy insertion in the needle bar
Shank: Household neeldes have a flat shank and allow perfect positioning of the needle in the sewing machine needle bar
Shoulder: Sloping area transitioning between the shank and the blade.
Blade: Needle size is determined by the blade diameter
Groove: Cradles and guides thread to the eye; may vary according to needle type
Scarf: Indentation above the eye that allows the bobbin hook to smoothly grab the thread under the throat plate to create a stitch; varies based on size of the needle
Eye: Hole through which the thread passes; size and shape vary based on needle type
Point and Tip: Penetrates material; length, shape and size vary according to needle types

For additional needle information and our source for this information, visit Schmetz.


Autumn’s Majestic Deer Wall Hanging

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Using Autumn’s Majestic Deer Embroidery Designs, from Amazing Designs, and the free wall hanging pattern, from Nancy’s Notions, you can recreate this eye-catching wall decoration that captures the lifelike details and shading of deer in the autumn countryside.

Autumn’s Majestic Deer designs are perfect embellishments for quilts, garments, towels, pillows, valances, totes, and accessories for your outdoor enthusiast.

You’ll love how the realistic details add depth and dimension to your projects.


The Koala Quality Advantage

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Nancy Zieman, host of Sewing With Nancy, shows why top quality materials and high-tech construction techniques make Koala Studios different from ordinary sewing machine cabinets.


Stay Organized in Your Sewing Space

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Watch Nancy Zieman demonstrate a colorful way to keep your sewing, quilting, and crafting supplies organized with a mobile organizer. Brought to you by Nancy’s Notions.


Selecting the Perfect Thread Color

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My friend and embroidery business owner, Jan Page, has this tip for selecting the right shade of thread for a project:

Even with the myriad of colors available today, it’s sometimes impossible to match your fabric with a thread. The Rule of Thumb in thread selection is to pick a shade darker than your fabric because threads sew in lighter than they look on the spool. This Rule of Thumb works every time!



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Awesome Garment Closures

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bustierNicky Epstein has created a clasp collection that will knock your socks off! Check them out, you’ll want everyhearts one. Her innovative garment closures are the answer to your garment fastening issues.

Nicky has a background as a noted knitwear designer and has wrote lilliesseveral books. She brings her style and flair to this closure collection with six fun looks:comedy-tragedy Comedy & Tragedy, Fleru De Lis, Leaves, Lillies, Hearts and Bustier.


The Koala Studio Advantage

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Nancy Zieman, host of Sewing With Nancy, shows why custom-built, American-made Koala Studios are different from ordinary sewing machine cabinets.

For more information about Koala Sewing Studios visit Sewing and Craft Club.


New from Sewing & Craft Club

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Do you know about Sewing & Craft Club? It’s a club with no dues that passes great savings to you, the sewing/quilting/embroidering enthusiast! You can the buy products you want (and those you need, too) at great prices! Check out some of these great offers:

Lady Bug 3-Piece Set — includes thread cutter that adheres to side of your machines, 4″ embroidery snip and 3-1/2″ tweezers — only $14.99!

ZT11860WOB+2C’Est La Vie Sewing box — available in large or small — $35.95/$23.95

The Ultimate Universal Needle Set — includes 80 universal needles — only $29.99OB+2

Floral Handlesd Scissors Set — includes an 8″ dressmaker shear and 4″ embroidery scissors, available in four different patterns — only $29.95


Don’t Forget to Backup Your Design Files!

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What fun would embroidery be without our computers? I love all the editing and cataloging capabilities software allows me. I love knowing that I can open “My Designs” folder and see all the glorious categories of designs I’ve “hoarded” over the years. And, I would be completely devistated if something happened to my computer and I lost everything!

This brings me to my point — don’t forget to backup your design files! There are several ways you can do this (they’re all easy and pain-free). You could burn your design files to a CD-RW (if you have a large collection, you may need to burn them to several CD-RW).

Another option is purchasing an external harddrive and backing up the files on it. An external harddrive works like a thumb drive, all you have to do is plug it into your USB port and drag-and-drop the files. They come in all different sizes, shapes, colors and storage capacity and are easy to find at your local electronics store, big-box store, or office supply store.  How easy is that?

Regardless of how you choose to backup you files, it is important to do so. You never know when you might spill a cup of coffee on your computer and zap everything. So, make a date of it (such as the first of the month) and backup your files reguarly!


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