Sew a Photo Album Cover

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Add spark to your photo album with a unique ‘Skylines’ cover. Give a hint of what’s inside
or just add a skyline you love. (ADC-92J)

Click here for the FREE project instructions!



As Seen In, Again…

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Amazing Designs has been spotted in Designs in Machine Embroidery, July/August, 2010 edition!

Check us out on page 10 with the Lily Pad Pals and the Nancy Zieman project starting on page 12.


Embroidery Stitching Issues?

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I hate it when my embroidery doesn’t turn out the way I expected — am I not talking about my color choices. I’m talking about the unusual pull, puckers and just plain weirdness. Whey doesn’t mine look like their’s? Here are some tips to try when your embroidery design just doesn’t seem right:

• Rethread the machine, including reinserting the bobbin and removing and reattaching the embroidery unit

• Does the bobbin thread show on the right side? If so, use a lighter-weight bobbin thread

• Clean the lint from the bobbin area — a can of computer air spray works great for this

Embroidery Needles• Change the needle — make sure it is the right size and type, we recommend Klasse embroidery needles for most designs. And, make sure there is no adhesive residue on the needle

• Slow down the machine stitching speed — the faster it stitches, the more stress it puts on your fabric and embroidery

• Slightly loosen the upper tension

• Make sure the fabric and stabilizer are secure — you could also add a piece of wash away or hydro-melt stabilizer to the design


YouTube, Home of Vintage Commercials

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While tooling around on YouTube the other day, I ran across this vintage Singer video. It’s hard to believe that “back in the day” there were door-to-door sewing machine salesmen!

Oh yeah, replace Singer with Baby Lock — no longer door-to-door, but still offering great classes and amazing independent retailers that will actually take the time to teach you how to use your machine!


What does that mean?

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Ever hear some embroidery terms at your club meeting that you don’t understand? Or, when reading an embroidery article, you stumble across some jargon you just don’t understand? Here are some terms that tripped me up when I was starting to learn about embroidery:

Flagging: The up and down motion of the material with the needle that is caused by improper hooping, the presser foot not being properly adjusted (too much clearance with needle plate), and improper fabric stabilization (incorrect backing). Named because of its resemblance to a waving flag. Flagging generally causes improper needle loop formation that can lead to skipped stitches and thread breakage. Flagging can also negatively impact the appearance of the finished product resulting in poor design registration.

Registration: Correct registration is achieved when all stitches and design elements line up correctly. Poor registration can occur when the product being embroidered had not been hooped properly, improper digitizing, and excessive flagging.

Push and Pull Compensation: A degree of distortion built into a design by the digitizer to compensate for the push or pull on the fabric caused by the embroidery stitches. This can help prevent a digitized circle from looking like an egg shape when sewn out. Generally, it is necessary to extend horizontal elements and reduce vertical elements.

Puckering: Result of the fabric being gathered by the stitches. Causes include incorrect density, loose hooping, insufficient backing, or incorrect thread tensions.

Lockstitch: The name used for a stitch that is formed with a needle and bobbin thread. The needle thread is interlocked with the bobbin thread to form a stitch. On apparel sewing applications other than embroidery, a well-balanced lockstitch will use the same amount of needle thread as bobbin thread. On embroidery applications, this is not true because you never want to see the bobbin thread on the topside of the sewn product. Therefore the needle thread is held on the underneath side by the bobbin thread.

Underlay Stitches: Stitches in a design that are put down before the design stitches; used to stabilize the fabric or raise the design so that the fine detailing is not lost.


New from Sewing With Nancy

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Creative Quilting Outlines, Rambling Roses from Amazing Designs is here! Easily turn your embroidery machine into a quilting machine with beautiful rose themed quilting designs from Sewing With Nancy.

From rose buds and blooms to leaves and vines, all of the designs coordinate for a cohesive feel throughout your quilting project. These quilting motifs are functional designs that are used to hold the three layers of the quilt sandwich together. The designs stitch out very quickly, and are digitized for secure stitching with triple stitches and only one thread color.

More details:

  • Includes printable hooping and embroidering tips for complete confidence
  • Collection includes 40 embroidery designs three sizes each for a total of 120 designs: a variety of rose buds, blooms, leaves and vines
  • Stitch field requirements: 40 designs in three sizes each for use with 4″ x 4″, 5″x 7″ and 6″ x 10″ stitch fields
  • Multiformat CD-ROM includes:
    • Thread color sequence charts for each design
    • Printable hooping and embroidering tips Amazing Designs Edit Xpress software to re-size, re-color, preview and print Amazing Designs collections
  • Designs can be sewn and sold

At Last, Design Organization!

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Organize your entire embroidery design library effortlessly with Catalog It! from Amazing Designs. This wizard-based software allows you to easily create categories for all of your embroidery designs so you can find them instantly. Spend less time digging through your CDs and cards, and spend more time embroidering!

Click the arrow in the video player below to see how Catalog It! quickly organizes your embroidery designs.

“Wizards” guide you through the cataloging process and help you organize your designs. Automatically add designs to pre-set categories, create your own preferences for automatic sorting, or manually create categories for customized organization.

Multiple search options let you instantly find designs:

• File name
• Number of colors or stitches
• File format or size
• Personalized keywords

Automatically import designs into Catalog It! upon installation or any time while using the program. Then, enjoy all of these convenient features:

• View, open and create new zipped files
• Drag and drop designs into multiple categories
• View designs before sewing with a realistic preview
• Select a thread palette for the most accurate thread colors

Reads all embroidery formats currently supported by Amazing Designs, including .blf, .pes, .sew, .hus, .shv, .art (v. 1-3), .jef, .pcs, .vip, .dst and .exp. AND, 30 FREE designs are included!


Get Perfect Stitching…

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…by starting with the right thread. As a beginner sewist and embroiderer, I can use all the tips I can get. Recently, I stumbled across this book, Threads Guidebook — The Story Unwinds by Nancy Zieman.

Avoid devastating results by knowing what threads to choose for each specific project. Using Nancy’s guide, you’ll learn:

• Why fiber content, weight, and ply are critical in selecting thread
• What types of thread are available and how to choose one for your project

Plus, get helpful charts and a trouble shooting guide with great tips — only $7.99 (at Nancy’s Notions)!


Designs + Thread = SAVINGS!

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Have you seen the Complete Collections from Amazing Designs? These sweet kits include the design collection and 18 spools of coordinating Madeira thread. All for one amazingly low price — $59.95 — that’s like paying for the collection and getting the 18 spools of thread FREE!

The 18 220-yard Madeira spools are the most used colors in the collection. So, when you get the collection, you’ll be ready to start stitching them out.

Check out all the thread kits Amazing Designs has to offer.


Bring Summer Inside…

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Does your little one love the pool? Of course! What’s not to love? You’re in a fun swimsuit and can wrap yourself up in a cool beach towel! Bring the beach towel fun inside with this simple project from Amazing Designs.

Bath Time Hooded TowelWith just a simple towel, wash cloth and fun embroidery collection you’ll be able to make your little guy or gal a cute towel for some bathtime or poolside fun!

New to sewing? No worries, these instructions are easy to follow and little sewing is required.


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