Monogramming DO’s!

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Worried about monogramming your project wrong? Well, have no fear, here are some quick tips.

Single Monogram:
Generally a single monogram has the first initial of the last name in the middle, flanked by the first initial of the first name on the left and the first initial of the middle name on the right. And, the first initial of the last name is slightly larger than the other two.
For example: Jennifer Nancy Erikson becomes JEN

Couple Monogram:
Again, use the first initial of the couple’s last name in the center, slightly larger than the other two letters. Then, place the first initial of her first name to the left and the first initial of his first name to the right.
For example: Anna Finnigan and Nathan Finnigan become AFN

Single Letter Initial:
Today a single initial is very fashionable on almost anything. But, what initial do you use? If the item to be embroidered is a woman’s accessory – hand bag, bath robe, jewelry, etc, then use the first initial of her name.
If the item to be embroidered is unisex or for a married couple – towel, napkins, pillow, etc, then use the first initial of their last name.

Man’s Shirt Monogram:
If you’re going to monogram a man’s cuff or collar, then use the first initial of their first, middle, and last names in order and all at the same height.
For example: James Kirby Wilson becomes JKW

Modern Monogram:
Today the traditional rules are often forgotten, in place of modern layouts and different ways of mixing up the letters to make them unique and beautiful. Overlapping letters, initials inside another, stacked vertically, or with the last named spelled out are becoming increasingly popular.

And, the best part, none of these unique and fun monograms are wrong!


Learn to Embroider a Towel

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When I started embroidering, the first item I made was a monogrammed towel. To this day I still make them as wedding gifts, hostess gifts, and thank you gifts. They’re quick and easy, but to a beginner it can raise a few questions. So, to help you out, check out this video on how to embroidery a towel from Nancy’s Notions.


Is Your Emboridery Outline Off?

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One of the frequently asked questions the Amazing Designs support team is asked is: The outline to my emboridery design if off, why is this?

Likely causes include inadequate stabilization and improper hooping. If the design stitches properly on a stable fabric using a cutaway stabilizer, then check your hooping and stabilizer type. Please verify that you are using the correct type and weight of stabilizer for your fabric and stitch count and ensuring that your fabric & stabilizer are hooped tight enough. If you were to flick your fabric & stabilizer it should thump like a drum. If it does not make this sound, re-hoop it so that the fabric is more taut. Make sure not to pull on the fabric so hard that it will pucker once it is no longer taut in the hoop. A brief breakdown of stabilizer and fabric follows:

  • Cut Away Stabilizer (weights will vary)- Knits (t-shirts, sweatshirts), loosely woven fabrics, fleece, leather, vinyl or afghans
  • Tear Away Stabilizer (weights will vary)-for designs on stable fabrics. Use multiple layers is needed for higher stitch count designs.
  • Wash Away Topping- to put on top of high pile fabrics such as terry cloth, to smooth out the fabric for embroidery
  • Wash Away Stabilizers- for free standing embroidery and fabrics where no stabilizer should be seen after the design is complete

Needles — Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

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Klasse Needles, Buy 2 Packs Get 1 Free - Learn MoreWhen was the last time you replaced your needle? Is your thread constantly breaking or shredding while sewing or emboridery? Did you know that many sew-lebrities recommend changing your needle after each major project?

If you can’t remember the last time you put a new needle on your machine, than its time for you to change it out. Sewing with a dull needle is like trying to cut a tomato with a dull knife — it doesn’t end up pretty.

Lucky for you Sewing and Craft Club offers buy 2 get 1 FREE on Klasse needles! And, the highest priced pack is your free pack. Happy stitching!


Machine Embrodiery Hooping Help

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Hooping your stabilzer and fabric can be a pain in the neck, especially if your fabric is particular thick, thin, stretchy, etc. You all know what I mean, it can be a pain. So, what are some tricks for hooping?

– Baste the fabric to the stabilizer — who wants to add an extra step to the process? BUT, this is a better than the alternative of wasting more fabric, thread and stabilizer when it is moving around on you or keeps popping out of the hoop.

– Use spray adhesive — for small or stretchy items it may be best to hoop the stabilizer and then adhere the item to the hooped stabilizer with spray adhesive or use sticky-backed stabilizer to help keep the item in place during the embroidery process.

– When hooping, insert the edge closest to the tightening screen last — this gives you easy access to lossen the hoop if necessary without messing it all up again. And, position it so the screw if off the edge of the table, this allows you easily access the screw without lifting it up.

Happy Hooping!



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My friend Jan Page with Totally Stitchin has these words of encouragement:

Hey guys, just a quick note of encouragement to all….

How many of us have a billion projects laying around that need finished that we are procrastinating about? Let me give you a boost in the right direction-

1. Tell yourself, I only have to work on this for 10 minutes, no longer. You don’t need a whole day, only ten minutes. You’d be suprised how much you can accomplish in ten minutes!

2. Let go of trying to be perfect! “A job worth doing, is worth doing well”….. this is true, but you have to cut yourself some slack here! It doesn’t say you have to do it perfect, and we all know that we are our own worst critics!

3. You won’t accomplish ANYTHING if you don’t START! You must BEGIN in order to finish. I”m preaching at myself here too! Many of us cripple ourselves by simply not starting at all. If you allow yourself the privilige of only working for 10 minutes, then you not feel so overwhelmed by the task. And besides, that usually psychs us up so much that we wind up working for an hour or two and before we know it, we’re done! And if you only work ten minutes? So what? At least you did something!

So what are you waiting on friends? Go set your timer and get sewing!


“Lavish embroidery”

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You never know what an online search is going to turn up, for example the other day I searched for “lavish embroidery”. I expected to get results back in regards to very ornate gowns, robes and wedding attire from around the globe. I was hoping to share something more international. But, I was quite surprised when the 4th link was for The Pueblo Indicator — Sept. 18, 1937!

In 1937 the garments they’re describing were cutting-edge, leading the fashion industry. Today, we overlook these every-day seen embroidered items as nothing unusual. And, what’s more impressive is, what was in style back then is still around today.

The next time I see tiny motifs scattered all over capris, shorts or a skirt, I’m going to think of how this is another “recycled” trend from yester-years.


What do you want in designs?

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What are you looking for in designs? The exact idea you have? Low, low price? Excellent stitch quality? Large size? Small size?

At Amazing Designs, we’re always looking for design ideas and we want them from you. What are you into embroidering? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to work it into an upcoming collection.


Add embroidery to your blouse!

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Have a plain blouse that you’d like to make an original? One way to jazz up something old and make it something new and unique is to add a little embroidery to it!

Here we have taken a plain blue linen blouse and added a touch of lace embroidery (from the Fleur de Lace collection) around the neckline. The outcome is dramatic and trendy. Why buy the designer blouse when you can make it for a fraction of the price?

 What do you have in your closet that could be refreshed with some Amazing Designs?


In-the-Hoop Embroidery Designs?

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Amazing Designs is beefing up their in-the-hoop design collections, complete with easy to follow project instructions on the collection CD. What more could you ask for?

In the Hoop Christmas Ornaments (they’re too cute)
In the Hoop for Home — towel toppers, bookmarks, and coasters (great gift ideas!)

We’re also working on releasing more of these fun collections! What would you like to see made in the hoop?


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