Quick Fleece Blanket

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I love quick and simple gift ideas that are perfect for people of all ages. A quick fleece blanket is just one project that fits what I’m looking for. Just think how easy it would be to jazz these up with your favorite Amazing Design!

Watch as Nancy Zieman takes you through the steps to create these quick no-sew or low-sew blankets. In just five minutes she shows you three different techniques from simple to supper simple! They’re so simple, your kids can help you with them too.


Stabilizer for cuffs, collars, pockets and more!

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Choosing the right stabilizer can be overwhelming. There are so many types and uses, it can be hard to pick the right one. So, over the next couple of weeks we’re going to introduce you to the stabilizers in the Amazing Designs line — Stabilize It!

Let’s start with one of our favorites and a staple in our embroidery stash — Stabilize It! Self-Adhesive. This eliminates hooping the fabric, replaces those nasty spray adhesives, and doesn’t leave a gummy residue on your needle or machine parts.

We use this product when embroidering items too small or irregularly shaped for hooping, such as cuffs, collars, pockets, and children’s garments. It also prevents knit fabric from stretching in the hoop. And, don’t forget to use it to prevent hoop burn on fine fabrics, napped fabrics, synthetic suedes, leather and fleece!

Oh yeah, and the best part about Stabilize It! — it’s pre-cut for your 5×7 or 4×4 hoop! I suggest one of both so you’ll always have the right one on hand.


Love Spoiling the Grandkids?

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While I don’t have grandkids yet, I see how my friends are around theirs. And, let me tell you, the saying “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s” is very true.

Amazing Designs released a cute embroidery design collection honoring this long standing tradition — Grandparents spoil the grandkids (I don’t think they can help it!). Check out Grand Life and share with us your fun creations!


Dresses for Africa

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Little Dresses for AfricaLittle Dresses for Africa is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to distribute dresses to little girls in remote villages of Africa. Nancy’s Notions employees are teaming up with this organization to sew and package dresses, then ship them to Africa. You, too, can help change lives.

Little Dresses for Africa
Free project instructions include:

  • Step by step instructions for dresses size 3 through 12
  • 3 design versions including how to make a dress from a pillowcase
  • Pattern pieces for armholes

Send finished dresses to:
Nancy’s Notions
Attention: Little Dresses for Africa
PO Box 683
333 Beichl Ave.
Beaver Dam WI 53916

Learn more about Little Dresses for Africa.


Friend Us on Facebook

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Amazing Designs is now on Facebook! Become a fan of our page to share your images with others, ask questions, and become part of a community with peers that enjoy the same thing as you — Amazing Designs…(and embroidery, of course!)


5 Quick Embroidery Tips

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1. Use full-size design templates for accurate placement.
2. Double check our placement on your fabric before you begin stitching.
3. An Embroidery Needle should always be used for embroidery. The Embroidery Needle eye is slightly larger and allows the thread to glide through with less resistance (and therefore less breakage).
Thread Stand - Baby Lock Accessories4. Attach a thread stand to your machine when embroidery multiples of multi-colored designs.
5. Always use the smallest hoop recommended for the design. This provides the perfect amount of tension for the fabric and stabilizer in the hoop to prevent it from slipping and puckering.


As Seen In…

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Creative Machine EmbroideryDomestic Goddess II is featured as a “Must Have” in the May/June 2010 issue of CME.

Per CME, “Celebrate your inner goddess with the embroidery designs from Domestic Goddess II collection. Use the designs to embellish aprons, napkins, dish towels and more.”


Going Green?

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Amazing Designs has several designs to show your support for the environment. Check out our most “Earthly” collection:



Embroidery Thread…What? Why?

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When embroidering, it is important to use the correct thread in your bobbin and needle — yes, it does make a difference.

You need to use machine embroidery thread in your needle. Embroidery thread comes in different sizes and materials, but the most popular is a 40wt. or 30wt. rayon thread. Check out Madeira embroidery thread for some options.

As for your bobbin, use the recommended bobbin thread for your machine brand for all purpose embroidery. If you choose to use a pre-wound bobbin, be sure to check your machine brand recommended pre-wounds before purchasing.

What are the consequences for not using the right thread? Your machine thread may break more often, not fill correctly, the pull compensation could be off and you machine could skip stitches. Bottom line — thread choice is critical!


Straight to the Point on Needles

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One of my embroidery and sewing comrads passed along this great needle information. Enjoy!

To the naked eye, the point of most needles probably looks the same, unless you eat an unnaturally large amount of carrots!  But, the points of needles have small differences that can really affect the end result.  Let me share with you some basic information on the most commonly used needles.

Ball Point-with a slightly rounded point, it is designed to sew knits without piercing or breaking the fibers.

Embroidery-has a specially coated, larger eye to allow smooth thread flow at the higher sewing speeds of embroidery.

Leather-for genuine leather only, the chisel point penetrates difficult to sew projects.  Do not use this needle for fabric or synthetic suede or leather.

Universal-a slight ball point makes this a great needle for most woven fabrics and some knits as well.


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