Embroidered Halloween Wall Hanging

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This Halloween wall hanging can be as large or as small as you desire. Embroider one design or go really big and stitch out the entire design collection!

Amazing Designs: Embroidered Halloween Wall Hanging

Either way, it is a great opportunity to showcase fun designs from our Bewitching Halloween design collection.

Learn how to make this festive embroidered Halloween wall hanging by downloading these project instructions!


Embroidered Winery Attire Tutorial

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Have you ever considered using appliqué shapes for anything other than appliqué? In this project, you’ll learn how to make the most of every appliqué shape.

Amazing Designs: Embroidered Winery Attire Tutorial

Using Appliqué It! you can customize your stitches. In the smaller design, you’ll use a simple run stitch. For the bigger wine glass, you can choose a candlewicking stitch to designate a special spot for each crystal embellishment. With the Applique It! and Monogram It! coftware combo, you can easily combine these unique designs with special monogram lettering for custom winery attire.

Click here to download instructions for this fun project!


Applique Pillow Tutorial

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Designs don’t always come in the sizes we want to use. With Size It!, you can resize your favorite designs to work for almost any project. Combine your favorite designs with appliqué, customized in Appliqué It!, to create a unique gift for a loved one.

Amazing Designs: Applique Pillow Tutorial

With the Size It! and Applique It! software combo, this pillow can be modified with your favorite design using any name.

Click here to download project instructions!


Embroidered Chef Hat & Apron Tutorial

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A simple appliqué design with the right message can complete any project. Now you can combine the two with the Letter It! and Appliqué It! software combo from Amazing Designs.

Amazing Designs: Embroidered Chef Hat & Apron Tutorial

This chef hat and apron make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook. If they’re not a baker, find an appliqué design that suits their style—maybe a chicken or little pig for the grill master. Appliqué It! has tons of designs to choose from.

Click here to download the Chef Hat & Apron project instructions!


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Framed Embroidery Art Tutorial

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Monograms are a great touch to any home décor. Have you ever considered adding more lettering to a monogrammed project? Using the Monogram It! and Letter It! software combo, it’s easy to make this cute housewarming gift.

Amazing Designs: Framed Embroidery Art Tutorial

Click here to download free project instructions!


Beachwear Embroidery Tutorial

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What would you embroider with more sizing and lettering capabilities? With our new Letter It! and Size It! software combo, your design capabilities are vastly expanded.

Amazing Designs: Beachwear Embroidery Tutorial

Increase small designs with Size It! to make a big impact on your next project. Then, personalize it with a fun phrase using Letter It! With a few blanks and cute beach designs, you can make this fun beach wear just in time for vacation.

Click here to download the free project instructions!


Rick Rack Fabric Band Towel Tutorial

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 Make over towels with a few simple steps! Add a splash of color by sewing a fabric band to the bottom hem of toweling fabric or premade towels and add a novel touch with Rick Rack trim.

Amazing Designs: Rick Rack Towel Tutorial

It’s so simple you’ll want to give all your towels a makeover! Take it a step further and add one of our Floral Monograms for a lovely, personal touch.

Click here to download project instructions!


LetterIt! Father’s Day Project Idea

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Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift idea? Use Letter It! by Amazing Designs to create an embroidered memento.

Amazing Designs: LetterIt! Father's Day Project Idea

This is a great project to get the kids involved; they’ll love getting their hands messy and making a gift for Daddy.

Click here to download FREE project instructions!


MonogramIt! Mother’s Day Handkerchief Project

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Whether it’s a gift for Mother’s Day or just to show her you care, embroider Mom her very own handkerchief. Monogram It! from Amazing Designs includes many fonts and monogram adornments to choose from. Mom will love this personalized project!

Amazing Designs: MonogramIt! Mother's Day Handkerchief Project

Click here to download FREE project instructions!


Purse & Tablet Cover Tutorial

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Amazing Designs: Purse & Tablet Cover Tutorial

For a fun new way to use appliqué, consider adding appliqué letters to projects. Appliqué It! from Amazing Designs has two exclusive appliqué fonts so you can easily personalize projects. You can resize the fonts to fit your project and preview the appliqué, too. Choose one of the built-in fabric preview options then print a template for easy positioning.

Click here to download project instructions!


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